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Psalms 118:22;

"The stone that was rejected has become the cornerstone."

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Certified in material installations!

Highly Effective Roof Cleaning Services


Cornerstone Roofing & Siding has developed a proprietary Eco friendly application followed by a high Volume low pressure wash system that leaves your roof looking new with instant results.

Our system will not damage plants or harm pets.  The average roof costs just a few hundred dollars and can be done in a few hours.  The benefit of having this service done is that your roof will look new again and it will extend the life of your roof by eliminating granule loss. The  harmful algae and moss growing on your roof are actually feeding on the limestone granules of your shingles.

These granules are what reflect the UV rays of the sun and protect the actual shingle matt from getting damaged.  Left untreated the algae and moss will leave penetrated damage on your roof similar to a hail stone hit.  Call now for a free estimate.  Thousands already have.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an honest and affordable service to customers. We consider every customer an employer. If we did not provide an excellent service at an affordable price, we would not have been in business for 20 years with an A+ BBB rating.


Every satisfied customer is our best advertisement. Every estimate is given by the owner and every project is supervised by him as well.  We use only the best materials purchased locally made in the USA, and we don’t use salesman or sub-contractors.


We provide what we ourselves would expect from a company entrusted with improvements to your biggest investment. We consider Cornerstone Roofing & Siding a company with old fashioned values. Home improvements should not be a scary process - it should be seamless and comforting, and we feel that we provide just that.

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25 yrs in business with A+ BBB rating with over 12,000 satisfied customers.